Transfer Students

WVU Non-Nursing Students

WVU students currently enrolled in another degree program who are interested in applying/transferring to the nursing program should contact Phillip Engelkemier for more information:

A photo of Phillip Engelkemier.
Phillip Engelkemier
West Virginia University
College Recruitment Specialist, Office of Student Services

External Transfer Students

If you are a student currently attending another college/university and you are interested in the nursing program at West Virginia University, review the information on the WVU Undergraduate Admissions website

  • The application period for the upcoming Fall term opens on December 1 and closes on January 15. All transcripts must be received no later than January 31.
  • The application period for the upcoming Spring term opens on January 16 and closes on May 15. All transcripts must be received no later than May 31.

Nursing Transfer Students

College students currently enrolled in a nationally-accredited nursing program may request transfer of previously completed nursing courses to WVU School of Nursing BSN program using the steps below.

Three Campuses. One Choice. One Application.

The BSN program is available on three campuses:  Morgantown, Beckley, and Potomac State and we've made it easy to apply to the campus of your choice.  Simply submit one application per term for the BSN program and your one campus preference. (Submitting multiple applications for the same term to different campuses may cause a processing delay in your application.)


  • Space available in class.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 on all college work attempted.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 on all nursing course work attempted.
  • All nursing and pre-requisite non-nursing courses must have been passed with a grade of  “C” or higher.
  • Statement of good standing from program in which currently enrolled.
  • Send syllabi of previously completed nursing courses for review to determine whether courses are transferrable. Syllabi may be sent electronically to

In programs with limited capacity and competitive admissions, the most qualified students are selected among those that meet the minimum requirements. Students who want to appeal the Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions Committee decision as unfair, arbitrary, or capricious may contact the Director of Admissions and Enrollment for the School of Nursing. The request will be forwarded to the committee for consideration, and the student will receive detailed information regarding the formal appeal process.

Contact info for Director of Admissions and Enrollment:

A photo of Caitlin Rexrode.
Caitlin Rexrode
West Virginia University
Program Director, Office of Student Services



Note: Any student who has been dismissed from the West Virginia University School of Nursing or any other nursing program will not be readmitted or considered for admission to the program.