Meet Stacy.

Stacy A. Gallant
Stacy A. Gallant

What made you consider nursing as a program of study?

I always wanted to work in healthcare. The first time I went to college was on scholarship to play two sports. These demands did not allow for the time necessary to study medicine. I chose to study psychology and human services believing it would allow an easy transition in the future into the medical community.

Did you have an ah-ha moment about wanting to become a nurse?

I was working as a Master’s level psychologist in a facility where I’d have to refer my client’s to the medical department for any discussion about their prescribed medications or side effects.(Pharmacology is NOT incorporated into psychology programs or degrees and discussion of medication is considered practicing without a license). Often these clients did not feel comfortable discussing their medicine or side effects with someone they did not have rapport or a therapeutic relationship and it would result in noncompliance. It was at this job I realized obtaining a nursing degree would bridge the gap that was missing in my practice.

Why did you choose WVU School of Nursing? What set WVU SON apart from other colleges?

Many programs provide the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree in nursing which limits future scope of practice unless they continue with another program to fulfill the BSN requirements. These programs are often online and do not have the same level of instruction, intervention, and personalization that is offered with the WVU School of Nursing's BSN. WVU SON offers an in depth, standardized program of excellence with a more advanced BSN curriculum that prepares their students for advanced careers in leadership roles. Changing careers later in life as a nontraditional student with a family, I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less than excellence.

Could you share a positive experience from your time at the SON?

It’s difficult to pin-point one specific positive experience from my time at the school of nursing since there are so many. Collectively, every positive experience I’ve had with the WVU SON on the Keyser Campus is attributed to the dedication from the professors to make the program fun while challenging each student to critically think and be the best version of themselves. The professors truly care about the students and strive to make a challenging program fun with patient simulations and medical escape rooms. These activities simulate real life events while taking the pressure off and allowing the students to have fun in a learning scenario. It’s experiences like these that create such a positive environment at the WVU SON Keyser Campus.

What’s one piece of advice you would give your freshman self?

This will make you question your intelligence. It will make you question your goals. It will make you lose sleep and your social life. It will challenge you to a point you have never been challenged. You’ll wonder how you ever made it so far in your education without truly knowing how to study. The best advice I’d give to my freshman self is remain optimistic. Do not let negative thinking stop you before you ever get started. You are smart, you deserve to be here, you can do this, do not give up. It’s okay not to know. It’s okay to get a grade lower than you’ve ever got in your life. Keep going! Every declined social event and sleepless night is all worth it in the end.

What are your plans after graduation?

I intend to work on a medical unit for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

How do you feel WVU prepared you for your next chapter?

The WVU SON gave me a solid nursing foundation and personal confidence to provide compassionate and safe nursing care. 

Anything else you’d like to add.

I can’t emphasize enough how much the knowledge and experience of the professors provides so much insight for students through their dedication and love of what they do. I appreciate each of them so very much for their willingness to recognize we can barely spell N.U.R.S.E when we began this journey. Their patience as educators with their novice students parallels none. They go above and beyond.