Meet Grace.

Grace Aiello
Grace Aiello
Bachelor of Science Program, Morgantown Campus

What made you consider nursing as a program of study?

I have always wanted to help others. That is what attracted me to the nursing career. A nurse also saved my little brother, my best friend’s life. He was born early, and my parents were told that he was a healthy baby by the physician. Later, a group of nurses came in and told my parents that they thought he needed a higher level of care. After a second opinion, my brother ended up in the NICU for a week. Without the advocacy for my brother’s health, his outcome may have been different.

Did you have an ah-ha moment about wanting to become a nurse?

My ah-ha moment actually came in nursing school. I knew I had made the right decision after my clinical experience in NSG 212. During this experience, Dr. Stacy Huber taught me what it truly meant to be a nurse. It means to care for people on their best days and on their worst days. It means making a bed without wrinkles, taking accurate I&O’s, and most importantly, treating my patients with kindness and respect. One day, I hope to be half of the nurse she is. I appreciate the lessons I learned from her so much.

Why did you choose WVU School of Nursing?

I chose WVU because my parents both attended WVU. My older brother went here, and now me and my younger brother go here. It is a family tradition, and I am proud to be a part of my family’s legacy here. I chose the WVU School of Nursing because my older brother went through the program and loved it. I aspire to enjoy a profession as much as he does. His positive experiences in this program really pushed me to apply. Another deciding factor was all of the opportunities the School of Nursing had to offer. I was super excited to use the SIM lab and be able to train in Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Could you share a positive experience from your time at the SON?

One of my favorite memories from the SON is a project that I had to make for osteoporosis prevention methods. I got to dress up as a granny. I wore a wig and everything! I made a “commercial” with some of my close friends. We had so much fun that day, and laughed the whole time. I will never forget it.

What’s one piece of advice you would give your freshman self?

I would tell myself to not wish the time away. These four years truly go by in a blink of an eye. I would tell myself to live in the moment, and enjoy the growth you will experience in this program!

What are your plans after graduation?

I have accepted a job in the CVICU at Ruby Memorial Hospital. I am very excited to continue to work in the hospital that has taught me so much!

How do you feel WVU prepared you for your next chapter?

The challenging curriculum, rigorous coursework, clinical experiences, and simulations have made me feel confident going into my career. I know I will continuously learn in the nursing field, but WVU has given me a great foundation to build from.