Innovating Research in Aromatherapy

Innovating Research in Aromatherapy
Marian “Marnie” Reven
PhD, 2023

What made you consider nursing as a career?

I felt drawn to nursing as a higher calling. I was a single parent struggling to get on track and I prayed. I felt this was exactly what I was supposed to do. Thirty-three years later, it seems miraculous where nursing has taken me — from ICU to End-of-Life, to teaching, to research. Amazing!

Did you have an ah-ha moment about wanting to become a nurse?

Yes, as above! And I have found that throughout my career each different area of nursing has provided amazing opportunities for connection and growth.

Why did you choose WVU School of Nursing?

I chose WVU SON because I wanted an in-person experience. I love West Virginia and know I want to make a difference here. I was also encouraged to apply — I was already interested in research and WVU SON PhD program invited me in. 

How has your WVU SON education helped you in your career?

My WVU SON education has given me connections—which are often more important than information. Dr. Roger Carpenter has been an amazing mentor and colleague. He encouraged me to pursue my passion in research involving aromatherapy, essential oils, and caring and has always said, “You have 20 years of research ahead of you, you are amazing!” Wow!

Anything else you’d like to add.

I would like to add that WVU SON has provided the platform to encourage scholarship and the infrastructure to help bring that scholarship to the attention of the public. The dean and the media department have helped me get the word out. This has led to invitations to collaborate and do more than I imagined. And I am not an isolated case, there are quite a few of us who find encouragement, support, and connection.

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