Recent Publications


"Dyslexia Awareness Among Primary Care and School-Based Healthcare Providers 
Heather Carter-Templeton, Suzy Walter, J. DeBrew, and J. Cunningham 
Jan. 8, 2024

Integrating Peer Review in an Online Advanced Physical Examination Course 
Emily Barnes and Billie Vance 
March 11, 2024 

"Family Caregiving of Patients With Heart Failure and Vascular Dementia in Rural Appalachia: A Mixed-Methods Study"
Ubolrat "Diu" Piamjariyakul, Kesheng Wang, Marilyn Smith, Stephanie Young, Saima Shafique, R. Osvaldo Navia and Kristine Williams
March 29, 2024

Bibliometric analysis of nursing education reviews
Marilyn H. Oermann, Hannah E. Bailey, Heather Carter-Templeton, Crystal Condy, Jordan Wrigley, Leila S. Ledbetter
April 15, 2024

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Nursing Care Areas
Heather Carter-Templeton
May 2024

An Innovative International Telehealth Clinical Experience for Nurse Practitioner Students 
Emily Barnes, Tanya Rogers, Billie Vance and Susan Alexander 
June 2024 

"Spiritual Well-Being in Appalachian Family Caregivers”  
Ubolrat "Diu" Piamjariyakul, Stephanie Young, Saima Shafique, Nathaniel Palmer and Kesheng Wang 

“Generative Artificial Intelligence Detectors and Accuracy: Implications for Nurses at CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing 
Hostetler, T., Owens, J., Waldrop, J., Oermann, M. and Heather Carter-Templeton

“The Influence of Spirituality on Caregiver Burden and Quality of Life”
Stephanie Young

"Enhancing Health Professions Students’ Attitudes and Self-Efficacy to Care for Unhoused Populations"
Jacob Greenfield, Brad Phillips, Katie Hoffman and Gina Baugh

"Use of Social Media Support Groups to Bolster Recruitment of Hard-to-Reach Populations"  
Brad Phillips and Regena Spratling 


COVID-19 Caregiving Strategies, Quality of Life, and Stress Among Faith Community Nurses and Faith Leaders in Appalachia
Angel Smothers, Elizabeth Morrissey, Helen Melnick, Molly Beaver, Kesheng Wang, Ubolrat Piamjariyakul
January 2023

The association between early onset of alcohol, smokeless tobacco and marijuana use with adult binge drinking in United States”  
Z Dai and Kesheng Wang  
Jan. 5, 2023  

Repeated measures analysis of opioid use disorder treatment on clinical opiate withdrawal scale in a randomized clinical trial: sex differences 
Kesheng Wang, Saima Shafique, Danqing Xiao, Suzy Mascaro Walter, Ying Liu, Ubolrat Piamjariyakul & Changchun Xie 
Jan. 19, 2023  

Caring for a Child with an Acquired Disability: Unveiling Light from Darkness 
Brad Phillips 
Feb. 3, 2023 

Homesickness among rural Appalachian university students.” 
Katrina Roxas (Honors EXCEL graduate), April Shapiro, Sheri Chisholm, Diana Niland, Michelle House 
Feb. 7, 2023

Best Practices in Scholarly Publishing for Promotion or Tenure: Avoiding Predatory Journals” 
Tara Hulsey, Roger Carpenter, Heather Carter-Templeton, Marilyn Oermann, Tina Antill Keener, & Joy Maramba 
March 2023 

"Maternity & Women's Health Care" — 13th Edition 
Contributor: Diana McCarty 
March 9, 2023

"Stress, Sleep, and Resilience Among Rural BSN Students in a New Nursing Program"
April Shapiro, Heather Coddington, Kasey Beckman-Sirk, and Rachel Raschella 
March 30, 2023

"Sleep Apnea and Substance Use Disorders Associated with Co-Occurrence of Anxiety Disorder and Depression among U.S. Adults"
Chun Xu, Priscila Acevedo, Liang Wang, Nianyang Wang, Kaysie Ozuna, Saima Shafique, Annu Karithara, Victoria Padilla, Chunxiang Mao, Xin Xie, and Kesheng Wang
April 2023

You’re not who you used to be: A case report of a family living with heart failure and vascular dementia 
Stephanie YoungMarilyn SmithSaima ShafiqueUbolrat Piamjariyakul
May/June 2023

Research on Predatory Publishing in Health Care: A Scoping Review 
Marilyn Oermann, Julee Waldrop, Leslie Nicoll, Gabriel Peterson, Kerry Drabish, Heather Carter-Templeton, Jaqueline Owens, Teresa Moorman, Bridget Webb, and Jordan Wrigley 
May 3, 2023 

"Healthcare Providers’ Experiences of Caring for Patients With COVID-19 Requiring Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support"
Lori Constantine, Danielle DeCicco, Roger D. Carpenter, Stephanie Pockl, Katherine B. Seachrist, and R. Osvaldo Navia
May 22, 2023

"Nurses' Perception of Caring for Patients With Substance Use Disorder"
Tina Antill Keener, Jennifer Tallerico, Ruth Harvath, Lya Cartwright-Stroupe, Saima Shafique, Ubolrat Piamjariyakul
April/June 2023

The Conversation: "Processing and grieving an ongoing loss – such as a child with a devastating injury or disability – does not fit neatly into traditional models of grief"
Brad Phillips
June 23, 2023

"APOE Gene Associated with Dementia-Related Traits, Depression, and Anxiety in the Hispanic Population"
Chun Xu, Victoria Padilla, Stephanie Lozano, Daniela Gamez, Brenda Bin Su, Xuan Wang, Gladys Maestre, Kesheng Wang
July 6, 2023

The Conversation: "Millions of Americans believe aromatherapy works – but for many doctors, it still doesn’t pass the smell test"
Marian Reven
July 25, 2023

Implementing Best Practices for Decreasing Nurse Hesitancy to Call the Rapid Response Team: An Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Initiative
Marian Longstreth 
June 2023

"Training to transition: using simulation-based training to improve resident physician confidence in hospital discharges"
Andrea Bailey
Sept. 15, 2023

"Using classroom simulation to promote active participation and increased clinical judgment"
Kimberly Adams
October 2023

"Community Reintegration: Children with Special Healthcare Needs" 
Brad Phillips and Roger Carpenter 
Oct. 5, 2023

"Associations of adolescent substance use and depressive symptoms with adult major depressive disorder in the United States: NSDUH 2016–2019"
Chun Xu, Silas Wang, Brenda Bin Su, Kaysie Ozuna, ChunXiang Mao, Zheng Dai, and Kesheng Wang
Oct. 14, 2023

Clusters of substance use and mental health variables with emergency room visits in U.S. adults: The 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health 
Silas Wang, Saima Shafique, Danqing Xiao, Kendra Barker, Kesheng Wang, and Xin Xie 
Oct. 15, 2023  

"Deep learning analysis of UPLC-MS/MS-based metabolomics data to predict Alzheimer's disease"
Kesheng Wang, Laurie A Theeke, Christopher Liao, Nianyang Wang, Yongke Lu, Danqing Xiao 6, and Chun Xu
Oct. 15, 2023

"The Clinical Assistant Program: An Innovative Approach to Clinical Education" 
Stacy Huber, Amanda Kitzmiller, Tonya Thompson, and Amber Ziese 
Nov. 23, 2023 

Quality Appraisal of Research Reporting for Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Studies in Humans: Proposed Checklist for ‘Transparent Reporting for Essential oil and Aroma Therapeutic Studies’ 
Marian E. Reven, Esther Joy Bowles, Donna D. Audia, Michelle M. Cohen, Denise J. Joswiak, Barb A. Kurkas Lee, Amanda C. May-Fitzgerald, Marilyn Peppers-Citizen, Jerelyn A. Resnick, Janet M. Tomaino, and Bethany J. Unger 
Nov. 27, 2023 

"An Integrative Review of 'The Pause' after Patient Death" 
Bridget Webb, Heather Carter-Templeton, and Tim Cunningham  
Dec. 6, 2023 

The development and evaluation of a short-term international student research and educational program 
Ubolrat Piamjariyakul, Saima Shafique, Dana L. Friend, Kimberly A. Adams, Wiyakarn Sanghuachang, Trisha M. Petitte and Stephanie Young 
Dec. 6, 2023 

Racial differences in the effect of APOE-ε4 genotypes on trail making test B in Alzheimer's disease: A longitudinal study 
Chun Xu, Priscila Acevedo, Yongke Lu, Brenda Bin Su, Kaysie Ozuna, Victoria Padilla, Annu Karithara, ChunXiang Mao, R. Osvaldo Navia, Ubolrat Piamjariyakul, and Kesheng Wang 
Dec. 15, 2023

Examining the History of Trust Within Appalachian Coal Camps” 
Angel Smothers, Kristen Goins, Tanner Cole, Jaylyne Morgan, Erin Young and Kylie Young 
Dec. 17, 2023

"An examination of retracted articles in nursing literature"
Leslie H. Nicoll, Heather Carter-Templeton, Marilyn H. Oermann, Hannah E. Bailey, Jacqueline K. Owens, Jordan Wrigley, Leila S. Ledbetter 
Dec. 20, 2023

"Community Reintegration: Children with Special Healthcare Needs" 
Brad Phillips and Roger Carpenter 

"The Clinical Assistant Program: An Innovative Approach to Clinical Education"
Stacy Huber, Amanda Kitzmiller, Tonya Thompson, and Amber Ziese

"Dyslexia Awareness Among Primary Care and School-Based Healthcare Providers"
Heather Carter-Templeton, Suzy Walter, J. DeBrew, and J. Cunningham 

"An Integrative Review of 'The Pause' after Patient Death"
B. Webb, Heather Carter-Templeton, and T. Cunningham


Dream enactment behavior: A documented case presentation with a transition from post traumatic stress disorder to REM behavior 
Sammar Atassi, Katherine Atassi  

Longitudinal study of impact of medication for opioid use disorder on Hamilton Depression Rating Scale 
Kesheng Wang, Toni DiChiacchio, Wei Fang, Laura Lander, Judith Feinberg, Changchun Xie, Erin L Winstanley, Ubolrat Piamjariyakul 
Jan. 15, 2022 

Perceived self-efficacy, confidence, and skill among factors of adult patient participation in translational care: A systematic review of quantitative studies 
Andrea Bailey, Jennifer Mallow, Laurie Theeke 
Jan. 28, 2022 

Palliative care for patients with advanced dementia 
Navia Osvaldo, Lori Anne Constantine 
March 2022

How to identify predatory journals in a search 
Marilyn Oermann; Leslie Nicoll; Heather Carter-Templeton; Jacqueline Owens; Jordan Wrigley; Leila Ledbetter; Peggy Chinn 
April 2022 

Welcoming ease: Building a concept from nursing practice 
Marian E. Reven 
April 2022

Gender differences in the associations of multiple psychiatric and chronic conditions with major depressive disorder among patients with opioid use disorder 
Christian Nwabueze, Hilary Elom, Sophia Liu, Suzy Mascaro Walter, Zhanxin Sha, Priscila Acevedo, Ying Liu, Brenda Bin Su, Chun Xu, Ubolrat Piamjariyakul, Kesheng Wang 
April-June 2022

A Bibliometric Analysis of Review Types Published in the Nursing Scientific Literature 
Heather Carter-Templeton; Jordan Wrigley; Leslie Nicoll; Jacqueline Owens; Marilyn Oermann; Leila Ledbetter 
April 18, 2022 

Associations of ARHGAP26 Polymorphisms with Alzheimer's Disease and Cardiovascular Disease 
Kesheng Wang, Yongke Lu, Deana F Morrow, Danqing Xiao, Chun Xu  
May 2022

Transitioning a Graduate Nursing Physical Examination Skills Course to an Online Learning Modality 
Emily Barnes, Billie Vance 
May 3, 2022 

Transition to peace: Building a concept for nursing 
Stacy Russell 
June 2022

Student Evaluation of the Clinical Education: Environment: Development and Testing of the SECEE Version 4 
Kari Sand-Jecklin, Tanya Rogers, Kesheng Wang 
June 2022 

Income disparities in obesity trends among U.S. adults: An analysis of the 2011-2014 California Health Interview Survey 
Shaoqing Gong, Liang Wang, Zhongliang Zhou, Kesheng Wang, Arsham Alamian 
June 11, 2022

Using Patient Experiences to Enhance Nursing Student Compassion 
Stacy W Huber, Tina Antill Keener 
July 19, 2022 

Development of a Transition Program for Young Adults with Type One Diabetes Progressing from Pediatric to Adult Care — A Feasibility Study 
Elizabeth Minchau  
August 2022 

Experience of Parents Caring for a Child with an Acquired Disability 
Brad Phillips 
September 2022 

Exploring the Accuracy of Cited References in a Selected Data Set of Nursing Journal Articles 
Leslie Nicoll; Marilyn Oermann; Heather Carter-Templeton; Jordan Wrigley; Jacqueline Owens 
July/September 2022 

Linear Mixed Model Analysis of Polygenic Hazard Score on Verbal Memory Decline in Alzheimer's Disease 
Kesheng Wang, Chun Xu, Laurie Theeke, Danqing Xiao, Xingguang Luo, Changchun Xie 
Sept. 10, 2022

White matter integrity and key structures affected in Alzheimer's disease characterized by diffusion tensor imaging 
Danqing Xiao, Kesheng Wang, Luke Theriault, Elhelou Charbel 
October 2022 

Results From the Perceived Value of Certification Tool-12 Survey: Analysis of the Perceived Value of Certification Among Stroke and Neuroscience Nurses 
Suzy Mascaro Walter, Norma D McNair, Rebecca Banat, Tracey Anderson, Zheng Dai, Kesheng Wang 
October 2022

Evaluating the Effect of Pre-Exam Adaptive Quizzing on Nursing Student Exam Scores 
Hillary Parcell, Kelly Morton, Dana Froble, Crystal Sheaves 
November 2022 

Online Learning Challenges for Nursing Students in Appalachia 
Kelly Morton, Brad Phillips  
November 2022

Living through COVID-19: A Family Experience 
Roger Carpenter, Mary Jane Smith, April Shapiro 
November 2022

Mediating role of resilience on nursing faculty and student QoL during COVID-19" 
Tina Antill Keener, Kesheng Wang, Katherine Hall, Tara Hulsey, Ubolrat Piamjariyakul 
November 2022 

Polysubstance use, mood disorders, and chronic conditions with anxiety in opioid patients 
Sophia Liu, Christian Nwabueze, Yue Pan, Suzy Mascaro Walter, Brenda Su, Chun Xu, Erin L Winstanley, Kesheng Wang 
December 2022