WVU Student Nurses' Association

The WVU Student Nurses' Association (SNA) is an organization within WVU Student Engagement and Leadership. Students initiate and direct the activities and meetings while faculty serve as advisors. There are monthly meetings and frequent activities that help support the community while building friendships.

Once a member you have access to the SNA SOLE site to view the calendar, meeting notes, upcoming events, surveys, etc. Facebook and WVU SON links.

Meetings are to help on your path to becoming a professional nurse as well as helping you to meet others in your profession.

Some meetings to look forward to…

  • Family Grief Center Dinners
  • Relay Day
  • Tie Dye Day
  • Nursing Scenario Day

Learn more about WVU SNA

Sign-Up Information/Dues

If you are a new member, please fill out one of the membership forms (available at orientation or from Christy’s office). You can also join anytime by contacting Christy (located in the STEPS Center) 304-293-2802, or Jane Dailey (also in the STEPS Center). Annual membership dues are $20.00.

Questions and comments can be directed to the SNA board members or to our advisor, Christy Barnhart.