Travel Opportunities


During this four-week interprofessional exchange program in Santarem, Brazil, students will have the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations, learn basic Portuguese and take in Brazilian culture through various recreational activities.

  • Full-time accompaniment by bilingual Amizade staff during supervised clinical rotation
  • Foreign language classes for students to gain a basic knowledge of Portuguese
  • Regular critical reflection focusing on Global Citizenship in the context of the health professions
  • Exposure to the local culture, healthcare and environment
  • Additional cultural and recreational activities

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Students participating in the month-long summer study abroad program in Nicosia, Cyprus, will be visiting community hospitals and clinics in addition to covering comparative healthcare contexts in a classroom setting.

  • Two (2) nursing elective hours and four (4) hours of open elective course credit (total of 6 hours)
  • Curriculum covering comparative healthcare contexts
  • Engagement and interaction with students from around the globe
  • Visits to various community hospitals and clinics to supplement classwork
  • Introduction to the local culture, healthcare and environment of a country divided

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  • One month elective (GEF credit possible)
  • Multiple courses available
  • Spanish language course
  • Community service hours

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A medical volunteer team, led by WVU SON faculty Emily Barnes, will be providing primary healthcare to people in remote villages of Honduras April 6th-April 1th, 2018. Students in the MSN program who will be in their second semester of clinical rotations may apply to participate in this volunteer experience, which will meet the requirements for some of their clinical hours.

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As students travel through rural Nicaragua during this nine-day service-learning program, they will be providing clinical services alongside licensed medical professionals while being exposed to healthcare in a rural and resource-reduced region of the world. To prepare for the trip led by sociology professor Daniel Brewster, students are asked to take a two credit hour course to obtain credit for their experience.

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Every spring, a group of students are led by WVU SON faculty Dr. Susan Newfield on a study abroad excursion through Vietnam, examining issues of community health related to social work and social issues. The program can extend up to one month long and provides students with the opportunity to earn six (6) hours of open elective course credit, while being exposed to the Vietnamese culture and environment.

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