Student Nurses' Association (SNA)


  1. To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality health care.

  2. To provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns.

  3. To aid in the development of the whole person.

  4. To provide moral and academic support, to allow pre-nursing students the opportunity to gain knowledge concerning nursing as a profession.

Student Nurses Committed to Achieving Excellence!

  • Constitution

    We, students of nursing at West Virginia University School of Nursing, believe there is a common need to organize, to represent ourselves to the consumer and other health disciplines, and to assume our rightful place in the profession of nursing;

    We, believe every citizen has a right to the highest quality of health care;

    We, believe in the development of the whole person toward his/her professional role with its rights, responsibilities, and ideals;

    We, believe every right bears inherent responsibilities;

    We, believe responsibilities are participatory, not purely philosophical or ideological, and;

    We, believe the quality and quantity of participation are not exclusive, but bear the responsibility of participation.

    Rights and Responsibilities:

    Students have the right to a sound education:

    • a right to and a responsibility for having a creative educational opportunity;

    • a right to and a responsibility for having the highest quality practitioner-teacher;

    • a right to and a responsibility for achieving input into curriculum planning;

    • a right to and a responsibility for achieving self-directed learning and;

    • a right to and a responsibility for achieving equal participation in all areas of clinical practice.

    Students have a right to due process: a right to and a responsibility for ensuring peer review and self-evaluation.

    Students have a right to and a responsibility to organize and participate in an organization directed toward achieving professional goals:

    • a right to and a responsibility for facilitating change in health care delivery though various channels;

    • a right to and a responsibility for assembling and exploring fundamental and current professional issues and concerns;

    • a right to and a responsibility for organizing in a flexible structure to encompass and represent the diversities within nursing and be representative of the fundamental and current professional issues and concerns and;

    • a right and responsibility for fostering a better correlation between nursing education and practice.

    Students have a right to be treated with dignity and respect:

    • a right and responsibility to report violations of students' rights to the Student Nurses Association Advisor or the Associate Dean for Student Services at West Virginia University School of Nursing;

    • a right and responsibility for all complaints to be formally addressed in writing and proper action taken with in a reasonable amount of time and;

    • a right and responsibility to disagree with a decision made concerning a perceived violation of the student's rights and may request a hearing on the matter with the Associate Dean for Student Services at West Virginia University School of Nursing.

  • Membership (applications)

    • How To Join the WVU Student Nursing Association:

      • Annual dues are $20.00

        • Checks should be made payable to WVU SNA.

        • A $5.00 fee will be applied to all applications and dues after September 30th.

      • Click here for a WVU SNA Membership Application

      • Dues & Applications should be returned to Stacey Pierce in the 6600 wing of the School of Nursing.

      • Questions should be addressed to the WVU SNA Membership Officer, Elizabeth Baker or Ginger Beatty.

    • Things you should know about SNA Membership:

      • Section 1. School Chapter:

        1. Active members must be formally accepted into the B.S.N. or RN-B.S.N. program at West Virginia University School of Nursing.

        2. Active members must maintain an overall 2.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale as shall be shown by their continuance through the School of Nursing and shall have all of the privileges of membership.

        3. Members must pay annual chapter dues of the amount decided upon be the general chapter at the beginning of each academic year.

        4. No member shall be denied membership on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation, disability, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

        5. Members shall be entitled to vote and participate in all sanctioned chapter activities.

        6. If an account paid to the order of WVU SNA is overdrawn, the WVU SNA membership is revoked until amount shown on the check and additional fees incurred on the WVU SNA account are paid in full. The member has 10 (ten) working days following notification to pay in full the total amount owed.

      • Section 2. Special Members:

        1. Affiliate members are members who are interested in the nursing profession as demonstrated by enrollment in Nursing 110 during the current academic year.

        2. Sustaining members are members interested in furthering the development and growth of WVU SNA upon approval of all Executive Board members. This membership category is not open to those eligible for the school chapter. Sustaining members shall receive literature and other information from WVU SNA.

        3. Honorary members may be conferred by 213 vote of the WVU SNA student body upon recommendation by the Executive Board upon persons who have rendered distinguishable service or valuable assistance to WVU SNA. Honorary members shall have none of the obligations or privileges of membership.

        4. Ex-officio members are those students elected to the Dean's Council. Ex-officio members do not have the privilege to vote on the Executive Board. Dean's Council members have the responsibility to report at all WVU SNA meeting on matters concerning the Dean and the student body. Dean's Council members will have all privileges of membership in WVU SNA.

        5. National membership is attained through the national student nurses association out of New york. Dues are paid to the national organization. To become a member contact

      • Section 3. Dues:

        1. The dues for members of the School Chapter shall be $15.00 per year. A $5.00 will be applied to late dues and applications.

        2. There will be no dues charged to Sustaining members.

        3. There will be no dues charged to Honorary members.

        4. There will be dues charged to Ex-officio members.

        5. Any member who fails to pay current dues shall forfeit all privileges of membership.

    • National SNA

  • 2013-2014 Officers

    Co-Presidents: Elizabeth Baker & Ginger Beatty
    Co-Vice Presidents for Community Service: Abby Hathaway & Sara Vandall
    Co-Vice Presidents for Fund Raising: Brooke Davis & Angie Pettinato
    Secretary: Ashley Pratt
    Treasurer: Samantha Bamberger
    Historian: Jordan Cullen
    Meeting planner: Desi Frohnapfel

    Dean's Council: Senior: Katlin Brennan
    Dean's Council: Junior: Joscelyn Broschart

    Class Representative: Senior: Casey Jarvis
    Class Representative: Sophomore Sarah Cline

    Undergraduate Curriculum Committee-Sarah Cline
    Ronald McDonald House Dinners-Lindsay Thorp & Megan Strogen
    Relay for Life-Vicky Reiser
    NSNA Resolutions-Vicky Reiser & Joscelyn Broschart
    NSNA Convention Planning- Joscelyn Broschart, Lindsay Thorp, & Megan Strogen
    WVU Healthcare Children's Hospital Family and Friends: Sarah Robinson
    Dance/Formal: Katherine Grisso

  • 2013-2014 Faculty Advisors

    We, the SNA Faculty Advisors, assist our student nurses in aligning experiences consistent with career development, identifying future leaders, and performing as mentors. We steer these student-leaders by means of identifying community causes through volunteerism & financial support and assist the SNA board by meeting with and addressing student needs. Advisors arrange guest speakers and leadership development exercises through the National Student Nurses' Association annual convention.

    We also encourage FUN!!

  • Community Service Opportunities

  • Job Opportunities