Faculty Travel


Travel funds will be used to support faculty who as a result of peer review have been invited to present research/scholarship. Presentation of the same study will be supported only on two occasions.

Travel funds will be limited to:

  • Travel using the most economic mode.
  • 1 night hotel; 2 days food; 1 day registration fee.
  • Presentations except in rare occasions when posters are the only method for presenting research/scholarship.
  • $1,000 per year maximum for oral presentations and a $500 per year maximum for poster presentations.
  • Preparation of slides.

To apply for travel funds to present research:

International Travel: Required Forms

All travel receipts are due to your department administrator on the next business day following the completion of your travel.

To apply for travels funds for Continuing Education, complete the Travel Authorization, Faculty Practice request, Work related absence and WVU Leave Authorization form and Funds to Travel for Development Request form.