Doctor of Nursing Practice

This program will prepare advanced practice nurses who will practice at the highest level of professional nursing and will advance the application of nursing knowledge for the purpose of improving health care for diverse populations.

This is a 40-44 credit post MSN program that can be completed in 8 semesters with a part-time progression plan. Additional clinical and capstone credits may be required to meet program objectives.

Enrollment in nursing courses is based upon readiness, availability of space, and an adequate cohort of students.

Graduate students should plan for a minimum of one classroom hour per registered credit per week and three outside hours of preparation per registered credit per week (e.g. 5 credits = 5 classroom hours/week, 15 outside hours/week = 20 hours/week.) This rule should be taken into consideration when planning your work and school time.

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Post Admission Requirements

DNP Program Requirements Checklist

DNP Student Resources

Software Orientation

Poster Creation Guide - Creating Your Poster for Presentation

This information is to make the planning and preparation of a poster easy. Please review all links below carefully. It is essential that you follow all guidelines so your poster best portrays the work you put into its creation. Be sure to work closely with your academic advisor; the one who guided you in creating the poster abstract.

Please contact Brandy Toothman, Program Assistant II, for more information when creating & printing your poster for conferences and local presentations at (304) 293-4298 or

For more information about the DNP program please contact:

Kim McCourt
Recruiting and Outreach Coordinator
West Virginia University
School of Nursing
Office of Student Services
P.O. Box 9640
Morgantown, WV 26506-9640

(toll free) 1-866-WVUNURS