Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The BS-BA to BSN program is an accelerated program for college graduates who wish to become a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing. It is designed for full time study. After 18 months of continuous enrollment, successful students obtain the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree (BSN) and are eligible to take the licensing examination for registered professional nurse (RN). Upon completion of the BSN, those graduates who wish to continue for the MSN apply for admission to that program. Exceptional students who wish to pursue the MSN while completing Senior level BSN courses will be considered on an individual basis.

A new cohort of students begin this program in January on the first day of Spring Semester. Applications are reviewed in September for the cohort that begins the following January.

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For more information about the program please contact:

Kim McCourt
Recruiting and Outreach Coordinator
West Virginia University
School of Nursing
Office of Student Services
P.O. Box 9640
Morgantown, WV 26506-9640

(toll free) 1-866-WVUNURS