Ilana Chertok, PhD,RN,IBCLC

Associate Professor
Health Promotion
School of Nursing

Office: 6504
Phone: 304-293-6518

Research Interests:

Dr. Ilana R. A. Chertok is an Associate Professor at WVU’s School of Nursing. As an epidemiologist, nurse researcher, and lactation consultant, the primary focus of her research is examining factors influencing maternal-infant health and lactation outcomes among women of various cultures. She is an international researcher, conducting research in the USA and in Israel. Dr. Chertok has also been conducting population-based research, in an effort to elucidate some of the health issues affecting maternal-infant dyads in West Virginia. For more information, please visit She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and a book chapter as well as presented her work in national and international forums.

Selected Publications:

  1. Chertok, I. R., Raz, I., Shoham, I., Haddad, H., & Wiznitzer, A. (2009, April). Effects of early breastfeeding on neonatal glucose levels of term infants born to women with gestational diabetes. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 22(2), 166-169.
  2. Chertok, I. R. & Hoover, M. (2009). Breastfeeding legislation in states with relatively low breastfeeding rates compared to breastfeeding legislation of other states. Journal of Nursing Law, 13(2), 45-53.
  3. Friend, D., & Chertok, I. (2009, July). Evaluation of an educational intervention to promote breast pump use among women with infants in a special care nursery on Kenya. Public Health Nursing, 26(4), 339-345.
  4. Chertok, I. R., & Shoham-Vardi. (2008, June-July). Infant hospitalization and breastfeeding post-caesarean section. British Journal of Nursing, (17),12, 786-791.
  5. Chertok, I. R., Raz, I., Shoman, I., & Wiznitzer, A. (2008). Pilot study of early feeding outcomes of infants born to diabetic women [Abstract]. Journal of Human Lactation, 24, 95.
  6. Chertok, I. R., (2007). Postpartum period and lactation physiology. In S. Blackburn (Ed.), Maternal, fetal, and neonatal physiology (pp. 153-172). St. Louis, MO: Sanders Elsevier.
  7. Chertok, I. R. (2007). The importance of exclusive breastfeeding in infants at-risk for celiac disease. MCN the Journal of Maternal Child Nursing, 32, 50-54.
  8. Chertok, I. R., & Zimmerman, D.R. (2007). Contraceptive considerations for breastfeeding women within Jewish law. International Breastfeeding Journal, 2(1) [Online]. Available from
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