Mushroom Project

Nursing students Macy Miller and William Grieb present a $500 check donated by James and Susan Miller to medical student, Joanna Adkins. The monetary donation is to support the MUSHROOM project. Pictured from L to R are: Trent Hester, Ashlie Tseng, Joanna Adkins , Lola Burke, Macy Miller and Willaim Grieb. In addition to the monetary donation, Miller initiated a clothing drive at the First United Methodist Church in Romney. The clothing was donated to individuals at the Bartlett House.

Nursing students Macy Miller and William Grieb, along with their campus faculty, Susan Pinto have been involved with the MUSHROOM (Multidisciplinary Unsheltered Homeless Relief Outreach of Morgantown) Project this semester. The Department of Family Medicine established this project @ WVU for medical and social work students who are required to participate for community service outreach. Both Miller and Grieb completed their senior rotations in community settings. Miller was assigned to a local school while Grieb worked at Mylan Pushkar Health Rite. As MUSHROOM volunteers they served individuals who are unsheltered and/or homeless in Morgantown. Every other Thursday evening, the MUSHROOM volunteers go where they are needed most: along the riverbanks, under the bridges, on down town streets and finally to Bartlett House- the local Homeless Shelter. During these rounds they bring clothing items as well as food and fluids to share with individuals in need. Most importantly, they bring compassion and a caring heart with willingness to listen to the stories of those they encounter. A young mother whose children are living in another state, a couple of teenagers who proudly boast of the upcoming birth of their baby, a kind eyed gentleman with terminal lung cancer who was just discharged from the hospital. These and many other stories of courage and resilience will only serve to enhance the work Miller and Grieb hope to accomplish as professional nurses. Their enthusiasm for this project is evidence of their passion for service aimed at enhanced quality of life for all.